Benefits of Forest School

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Co-operate as part of a team teaches child to be aware of others

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Improve language and communication skills

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Improve relationship with and understanding of the outdoors

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Enhance numeracy and literacy skills

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Changes in self-esteem and confidence

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Improve physical skills

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Increase motivation for learning and improve concentration

The research indicates two further outcomes that have a wider impact on formal learning. Firstly, a different relationship can develop between teachers/early years practitioners and children as the former see the child in a different setting and coping with some of the same challenges that they as adults face outdoors. Thus adults gain the opportunity to become more reflective practitioners. Secondly, children often bring the experience home with the result those parents’ and families’ attitudes to being outdoors, to out of school routines and to perceptions of risk can change. The Irish Forest School Association strongly advocates the publishing of Irish research to promote the concept of Forest School learning.