IFSA Spring Series – Recordings

IFSA were delighted to host a series of three webinars for members, forest school trainees and others across February and March 2021. ‘Re-inspire and re-connect with your Forest School community in this series of evening webinars where we will explore themes of storytelling, nature craft and foraging.’

If you missed the webinars, you can catch up here.

Spring Foraging – Lucy O’Hagan (22 March 2021)

And from the chat: 

Thank you so much Lucy for sharing your knowledge with us with such passion and heart. Can’t wait to get out into the woods this week and make myself a feast! Spring in a glass… mmmh! Fresher than that is not possible!!! Mindful gathering and eating: My kids watched that with me and were amazed! thank you so much Lucy

So inspiring and well done! loved watching the bread kneading 🙂 will def try the birch and cleaver drink/  thank you so much for all your knowledge/Wow That was incredible and so many notes taken/  I definitely want to try that bread so much/everything so beautiful, the plants, board table. That was beautiful, transported to a different world for a half an hour….beautiful video. absolutely starving now too

Go raibh maith agat to Lucy for sharing her amazing knowledge and love for mama Earth and all beings and thanks all the team at IFSA.

Thank you  that was so wonderful, To think all those incredible nutritious plants were all around me growing up and not knowing what to do with them. I  do now and will look at plants and hedgerows in a new light and new appreciation/ ahaha sleep well little fishy… love the sense of humour. GRMA!

Book Recommendations from Lucy: Wildflowers of Ireland, Zoe Devlin | Food for Free, Richard Mabey | Ireland’s Generous Nature, Peter Wyse Jackson | Hedgerow Handbook, Adele Nozedar | Hedgerow Medicine, Julie Bruton-Seal & Matthew Seal | Cook wild, Suzanne Fischer Rizzi | River Cottage, Outdoor Cooking | Airmid’s Journal- available to buy on wildawake.ie |

Coil Weaving – Carol Barrett (08 March 2021)

Some of your comments reflecting on Carol’s webinar: This was amazing! lovely stories woven into the weaving. | Very inspiring. Thanks. Now I will try again with different materials. | I didn’t think I could do it. Thanks. |I was thinking that those are the kinds of activities children need to be doing going back to school in these times. | So relaxing and interesting. | I’m going to continue for the evening, so lovely. I’m making a scone sized basket to bring my friend for our walk tomorrow, with a scone in it of course. | I never thought I would manage that.  So lovely to give it a try and see how we can use nature so wonderfully. | Loved the combo of weaving and story and examples. So true that by not making the things we use all the time we lose connection to nature. Wonderful! | Thank you Carol for teaching us this lovely craft. A lovely way to spend the evening. I might start with cleavers as a cheat first!

Storytelling – Sean O’Laoghaire (22 February 2021)

Some thoughts shared by you from Sean’s Storytelling webinar: Whispering, wavering, flowing threads of grass, walking through the breeze and falling on his knees, wearing a cloak of nature, to help insects and fauna nurture…very evocative and inspiring, so open to interpretation and reflection…Old man of the sea Manannon Mac air, talking to pollution and asking him to clean up and stop polluting the sea…trust the children’s imagination!.. inspirational… Thank you so much…Yes, we’ll take this crisis as an occasion to grow and change into Something better… Love the story about your parents not telling if the shop was open… what a wonderful way to look at the world… Nature is a wonderful storyteller when her voice is listened to…love the idea of transplanting things in nature and letting them grow again…Great to be encouraged to keep up with the changes at this time and that are coming, inspiring!