About the Irish Forest School Association

The Irish Forest School Association was founded in 2016 to support the development of Forest School learning in Ireland. Our members comprise practitioners (that is trained Forest School leaders), researchers, teachers, early years’ practitioners, and organisations and individuals interested in innovation, creativity, education, play, science, environmental awareness and care, and the outdoors.


Mission and Vision of IFSA

Using member input from the Conversation Cafe event in April 2018, the IFSA ACORN agreed an organisation mission statement and set priorities for the work of IFSA:

  • To bring Forest School practitioners together to inspire inclusive, playful, learning for all, in nature.
  • To build resilience and relationships, through our connection with each other, and the natural world, while inspiring creativity and supporting wellbeing. 

Secondly, we agreed that a key role for IFSA is to continue to make links with other organisations who share our vision for a better and more sustainable world where humans can live more harmoniously with each other and with nature. We see this kind of networking as a really important way to support you, our members, on the ground. Over the coming months we hope to meet some key organisations that we have identified that can support us to achieve that goal.